Adopt log management solution provides organizations with:

Unified data storage through centralized log aggregation

Improved security through a reduced attack surface, real-time monitoring and improved detection and response times

Improved observability and visibility across the enterprise through a common event log

Enhanced customer experience through log data analysis and predictive modeling

Faster and more precise troubleshooting capabilities through advanced network analytics

Unlock the tremendous value trapped within log and machine data generated by IT systems and applications

Flexibility in Deployment Topology (Distributed/Centralized)

A log management tool that aggregates data from the OS, applications, servers, users, endpoints or any other relevant source within the organization

Processing and Filtering

Enrichment and rejection is important aspect to keep control of data streams


It helps to send files to downstream or different systems in desired format and bring single point of contact for different downstream in expected formats

Search Engine

A log management tool that helps the IT organization filter, sort, analyze or search data across all logs

Advance Analytics

Log analysis tools that review the log collection from the log server to proactively identify bugs, security threats or other issues