Connectivity is even more crucial in todays interconnected world. The modern home is one of the crucial hubs in this network and we are helping build this through our products and solutions. The Adopt family of products brings in superior design and in-built intelligence for a seamless network.

What makes our FTTX solution smarter?

Simple and Quick Product Installations

Adopt Products are designed for quick and effortless installation. It is designed to maximise efficiency for both the installers and end users and helps in driving down the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Flexible Range of Products

The Adopt product portfolio covers a diverse range of scenarios -from GPON, Point to Point, or optical fibre patch through product. With built in intelligence in our products, Adopt is able to cater to a wide range of requirements – from setting up mixed networks to upgrading routing functionalities.

On-ground Local Support

Adopt products and solutions are supported by strong onground intelligence and support pan India. Our network allows us to understand unground scenarios, regulations and the most efficient way to help you increase the success of your network.

Designed in India.
Made for the World.

Adopt products are designed to not just function efficiently but also fit in within a modern home. Great care and attention is taken on both the details and material aspect of our products – ensuring smart design that can occupy a place of pride.