To build the seamless network of the future, we need to ensure interoperability so that it can adapt to changing technologies and scenarios.

Smarter Management

Interoperability with main OLT vendors

All Adopt ONTs are interoperable and have been field deployed with the main OLT brands active in the European and North American markets. For a network operator with multiple OLT vendors in its networks, it does not need to concern which OLT is on the other end of the ONT.

Open software for third parties

Adopt also ensures PON interoperability, ensuring no vendor lock-in on the PON side. Adopt uses open software supporting industry standards such as, TR-x69, OpenWrt and the prpl Foundation helping our products seamlessly connect with other third party vendors.

No vendor

Adopt creates products that are fully interoperable ensuring that there is no vendor lock in either now or in the future. Our open policy ensures that we support as many OLTs and third party residential gateways as possible – making sure that your network is highly agile, flexible and adaptable to the future.