At Adopt, we know building a successful network requires not just the products but also the software and the management platform that runs it. Adopt Software brings in a high degree of intelligence to the network allowing greater ease and access across the entire network.

Smarter Management

Increasing Service Efficiency

With greater number of customers and increasing network complexity, operational efficiency and operational costs become more critical for service providers. With real time data and smart analytics, Adopt Cloud controller allows for better customer support – reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency.

Optimise Connectivity for end users

Smart analytics ensures clear insights and view into connected devices making it simple of service providers to optimise the network. End users can also optimise their own connectivity with the self care application – from trouble shooting to changing basic configurations like access to guest network.

Solve Problems
before they occur

Adopt cloud controller provides in-depth information and data about connected devices within the network in real-time. This allows service providers to get in-depth analysis and also forecast potential issues before they occur. This helps in reducing the operational costs significantly and also helps in increasing customer satisfaction.