AdoptNgage (BSS)

Unlock innovation
in the enterprise market with
a flexile, agile charging and billing solution

Current siloed charging and billing platforms, built to support bespoke enterprise customer requirements, take too long to update and don’t provide the agility to respond to innovative digital business models. This puts pressure on IT to deliver better solutions that enable growth, but a business-as-usual approach won’t suffice.

#AdoptNgage, our Next Gen BSS solution evolves different industry across multiple domains. The importance of innovative monetization and user journeys is the top priority of #AdoptNgage. Such journeys must be evolved in a hybrid manner, leveraging existing assets and services in an optimal way, while seizing every new monetization opportunity as it emerges. #AdoptNgage addresses these needs, providing you with the best billing infrastructure to capture every monetization opportunity of the 5G era, with cloud native and workflow automation keeping all stake holders notified in real time.

Ngage Architecture

Key Features

Cloud Platform

Microservices is the base of Adopt Ngage platform which enables high availability, zero down time, scalability, and elasticity.

  • Carrier Grade platform for Telco, ISP and Enterprise Environment.
  • DevOps with automated CI/CD Pipelines
  • Enhanced security, tools and operational processes.

Product Management

Adopt Product Management System allows service provider to centrally manage products across all services, bundling different services, automate life cycle management, and product configuration and template

  • Accelerate product introduction
  • Personalize Digital Offering
  • Reusable Product Templates
  • Flexible Product Bundling
  • Dynamic Lifecycle Management

Sales Management

  • Digital lead-to-cash capabilities across all channels and accelerates new partner onboarding.
  • Multidimensional convergence – ability to support all lines of business on a single platform.
  • Centralized management of traditional, digital and partner-based offerings.
  • Value-driven digital partner ecosystem enablement.

GIS Network Mapping

Accelerate your network operations with a comprehensive and integrated view of your entire network.
Adopt specializes in consolidating inventory and network data into a single data model, providing a comprehensive, integrated view of the entire network

  • Reduction in new build CapEx costs
  • Reduction in design time
  • Increase in field worker productivity
  • Reduction in network downtime

Advance Analytics

Adopt Advance Analytics provides a single, unified data intelligence platform that enables Service Providers to proactively target business processes, Team KPI Tracking, Business KPI Mapping, Prevent Revenue Leakages, solution or services to make intelligent decisions.

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Experiences
  • Network Operations
  • Process Optimization
  • Visualization and Exploration

Customer Management

Customer Engagement across multiple channels with

  • Digital First approach
  • Personalized experience
  • Automation to drive efficacy for Quality of Experience to Customer

Revenue Management

Adopt Revenue Assurance (RA) consists of a series of activities that are applied to ensure that the business processes, the organizational structure, controls and the information systems related to revenue cycle (consumption capture, pricing, billing and collections) work together effectively to protect revenues and maximize the working margins.
It helps bring a differing sense of perspective and priorities to the same subject area from different business verticals and departments.

API Gateway

  • Integration & API Management allows integration to be performed quickly, reliably and without additional cost
  • Internal application is fully driven by API and the same is available over swagger for testing and reusability and integration

Workflow Automation

Adopt Workflow Management tool allows you to easily define, manage and execute workflows supporting your business processes.

  • Boost the speed of order processing
  • Simplify your Order Management Process
  • Provide transparency through real-time updates
  • Efficient business process modelling
  • Add Complex Approval Conditions
  • Add Complex Business Model
  • Cross Work order Workflows

Trouble Ticketing and Task Management system

Adopt Trouble Ticketing and Task Management System identifies network failures, initiate a resolution, notify stakeholders, and track the status of each trouble ticket.

  • Ticketing Profiles
  • Workflow Automation (SLA, TAT and Escalation Mapping)
  • Integrated Helpdesk
  • Audit and Reports

Partner Management

Adopt Partner Management System is a central Partner / Franchise / LCO Management system that enables operator and enterprises to bring partner related services to amplify their reach and Market shared by

  • Partner Self Care Service
  • Partner Zero Touch Onboarding
  • Partner Real time Commission Management
  • Partner Wallet and Balance Management
  • Partner Receipt Management
  • Partner different Commission Model
  • Invoicing and Payment Management

Inventory Management

Adopt Inventory Management System with built-in user-friendly modules for key network planning, design, and assurance processes. Convert static, fragmented inventory and network data from any source into a single coherent data model, delivering an end-to-end view of the entire network and its resources and services.

  • Rapidly identify the root cause of network troubles
  • Obtain the deepest understanding of any resource
  • Correlate physical, logical and virtual resource layers

Ngage Key Benefits:

Deployment Platform
Cloud as well as On-Premise Deployment

Microservices-based Architecture

Multi Vendor Support
WLAN solutions from the most prominent manufacturers on the market

Integration with Third Party System
API gateway to adapt IT pre-existing API

Open API
Carrier-class Wi-Fi service integrated with the existing OSS/BSS systems

Policy Enforcement
QoS Management

Handling roaming with third-party Wi-Fi footprint

Multi-tenant access
Enable Enterprise to manage their own subscriber and Eco System

Enterprise Converged Billing (Postpaid, Prepaid, Advance Prepaid)

Enterprise can customize their invoice by changing templates, fonts, and colours