A simple yet flexible, cloud-based, self-serviced Subscription Platform for all Service Providers, including SMEs

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A simple yet flexible Subscription Management Platform
Consists of a common core platform with industry specific layers (accelerators) above it

Offered as Public SaaS, Private Cloud, Hosted
or On-premise

Ngage complies with all regulatory requirements related to data security, isolation and privacy

Offers robust scalability architecture to always keep up with the growth of your business

Ngage’s API first approach enables easy and secure integration with your existing systems

Everything You Need

  • Order to Cash – End-2-end Subscriber life-cycle management
  • Easy self-service onboarding (for you and your customers)
  • Flexible Product Catalog
  • Flexible Payment options
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Easy integration with your other systems (upstream and downstream)

API for Everything

  • Modularized stateless HTTP API
  • Granular and flexible Access Control
  • Orchestrated API flows – customizable by users
  • Online documentation and testing facility for easy self-service integration
  • API Deployment and/or Upgrades on the fly (no server restart required)

Scalability and Fail-over

  • Server Clustering for easy horizontal scalability and automatic failover
  • Containerized Server (roadmap) for easy cluster formation through container orchestration
  • Per server performance monitoring in a cluster environment

Carrier Grade Security

  • SSL/TLS everywhere
  • User configured Encryption keys
  • Data storage level encryption
  • JWT Tokens for API authentication and access control
  • Webhook Security through payload signing
  • Certifications: ISO 27001 (ongoing), CMMi L3