Seamless Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) for Wired and Wireless Networks

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Adopt AAA comes in a single-platform with multi-protocol support for the authentication, authorization, and accounting of services plus the definition of rules and policies per subscriber across all access types and infrastructures like 5G, LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, voWi-Fi, FTTx or as standalone. It performs EAP-SIM/AKA authentication of SIM devices directly to the HLR/HSS. This provides a seamless and secure access to the Wi-Fi network.

Key Highlights:

  • Microservices-based Kubernetes Architecture brings agility, scalability and resiliency along with traffic throttling capabilities
  • Cloud as well as On-Premise Virtualized Deployment
  • Wi-Fi As Service – Specific Service which suits best to environment
  • Advance Analytics
  • Open API Support
  • All Major Vendor Interoperability Support
  • Enterprise Grade platform with Wi-Fi, IoT solution, supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
  • Flexibility – Customized features adapted to different sectors of the market that require Guest Wi-Fi, also for devices lacking SIM authentication capabilities
  • High Reliability with fault tolerance
  • Troubleshooting in one click

Key Specifications:


  • Supports a huge variety of fixed broadband and wireless network elements
  • Vendor Agnostic
  • Supports all major subscriber database repositories such as LDAP directory, MySQL, Oracle but also MS SQL and even more
  • Supports all EAP flavours used in secure authentication including:
    2. EAP-SIM/ AKA/MD5 for 3G offload
    3. EAP-TLS/TTLS for corporate AAA
    4. EAP Proxy to proxy to other AAA


  • Powerful AAA processing including check message, reply-message, operations on attributes
  • Hotlining support to re-direct customer browser to a captive portal upon a wealth of events
  • Ability to change the bandwidth parameters on the fly through CoA/DM

Key Specifications:

PWLAN support including monetization and offloading. Adopt NetTech offers a compelling offering for WLAN monetization and offloading including ready-made interface to HLR/HSS

Ghost Management
Sessions that did not get refreshed within a specific time range are cleaned of the online sessions

Advance Analytics
Default reports are available with advance reporting using latest technology – Grafana

Logging Tool
Advance Logging using ELK, Kibana and Prometheus

Wi-Fi Life Cycle Management Platform (WLCMP)

An all-in-one Carrier Wi-Fi Life Cycle Management Platform

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Adopt WLCMP platform is based on microservices-based architecture which can be deployed at edge which works in coherence with our distributed cloud controller architecture based on the Enterprise need of security, regulatory compliances, scalability, network latency, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Our complete solutions for carrier Wi-Fi offload and monetization adapt to any data strategy and are in production at leading fixed and mobile communications service providers globally.
Adopt WLCMP includes captive portal designer, partner management, voucher management, analytics, and ready-to-launch use cases for both free and paid services, login using OAuth, Social Media, Email, OTP or third party data repository like LDAP, MySQL and others.

Key Highlights:

  • Microservices-based Architecture brings agility, scalability and resiliency
  • Customizable platform to suit business need and better ROI
  • Multi-tenant customers can host multi-enterprise on the same platform using the same infrastructure
  • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
  • Policy and Charging Control
  • Technology Agnostic with IWF Capabilities (2G/3G/4G/5G …)
  • Digital Transformation with Network Insight and Control
  • Convergent Charging
  • Open API support to integrate with existing ecosystem
  • Offload mobile subscribers to Wi-Fi
  • Create new Wi-Fi business models
  • Built-In plug-ins for themes, templates, and plugins, facilitating the building of personalized captive portals with rich text, videos, form fields, existing subscriber login, SMS verification, and more

Key Modules:

AAA Module
RADIUS Authentication, Authorization and Accounting with support of all major RFC
PAP/CHAP Authentication
MAC TAL Authentication
Multiple Vendor Support
REST API for Provisioning
Rule-based Authentication with DB and LDAP Support
CDR Management
Live Session Management

Quota Management Module
Module to manage the quota of customer and based on same allow access with relevant QoS
Volume-based Quota Support
Time-based Quota Support
Volume & Time-based Quota Support
Unlimited Plan with Multi-Tier FUP Support

Prepaid Management Module
Prepaid plan with various parameter to support customer with paid and free flows
Plan Life Cycle
Time-based Plan
Volume-based Plan
Various Validity Support
Configurable Charge

Captive Portal Module
REST Framework for Portal
Template-based Portals
Easily configurable look and feel
Inbuilt flows like OTP, Voucher, Username/Password, etc.

Key Modules:

Voucher Management Module
Voucher Life cycle
Plan Binding with Voucher
Customer Binding with Voucher
Partner Support

Roaming and Interconnect Module
Proxy Support
CDR in CSV Support
Roaming Partner on Captive Portal

Self-Care Portal Module
REST Framework for Portal
Customer Self Service Portal
Recharge/Renewal Support
Password Management
MAC Management

Partner Management Module
Hotspot Binding
Plan Binding
Voucher Access
Location-based Customer Access

Analytics Module
Detailed MIS Report
Configurable Dashboard
Widget-based Graphs


Simplified, Resilient & Secure with Automation and Collaboration to ship faster

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Adopt’s Controller is a powerful management solution for deploying and managing Adopt Networks Wi-Fi with complete control and visibility. It provides zero-touch activation to automated software upgrades, patches, and licenses.

IT enjoys the benefits of a superior console interface where all services are integrated at no extra cost. The system supports Wi-Fi devices, including IoT endpoints, regardless of operating system.

Adopt’s Controller is a powerful solution for deploying and managing your Wi-Fi network with complete control and visibility.

Key Highlights:


Enables Plug-n-Play deployments


Adopt’s Controller architecture is built with the latest microservices technologies to deliver a smart, scalable solution that optimizes the wireless experience for digital transformation


  • Does not store or access the contents of any individual device, end user communications, browsing history or other content created, transmitted, or received by the device user unless directed to do so by the customer
  • No limit on number of Access Points and clients supported
  • Integrated solution with Adopt AAA server, Captive Portal, Security, Firewall and Analytics

Key Specifications:


  • Cloud-Hosted Web Portal – portability on existing cloud infrastructure like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Managed Service Provider Accounts
  • Multi-Tenant Provisioning
  • Redundant Cloud Services
  • In-house Deployment on Virtualized Environment with Auto Scale and Auto Heal Functionality

Key Specifications:


  • Fully Customizable Dashboards
  • Dashboard Filter by AP Group, Profile, SSID
  • Supports Wi-Fi 6 and Adopt Wi-Fi
  • Geographical Maps for Site Location
  • RF Coverage Heat Maps